is an experience maker which reconnects people with their expression through playfulness. He is passionate about bringing people into motion, to gather and improvise. He is an authentic theatre teacher and director. He has a fascination for human interaction and to experience the world from a performance perspective. With his new movement Rechild he is passionate about connecting people within themselves to the people around them. Imre believes in a more collaborative and regenerative society starting together now, by play!

What started as an investigation, using theater methodology to analyse human interaction, slowly grew into a fascination of connecting people, from within themselves to the people around them.

I think that most of the people have lost the urge and the ability to play. My mission is to make time and space within a safe environment to help us break down the old rules and norms that hold us back from that play-state. I open a space that encourages people to discover the power of play by offering playshops. 

Rechild is not about being childish or going back to your childhood trauma's. For me it’s about resense simple things and start to be curious again, like children automatically do.